Sarajevo is the second most polluted City in the​ World!

The measurement of the Swiss IQ Air on Thursday evening, which collects data from 10,000 measuring stations around the world, shows that Sarajevo is in the second position of the most polluted cities with an air quality index of 272.

On the first position is Kabul with an index of 503, and immediately on the second is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They are followed by Pristina (194), Kolkata (184), Mumbai (182), Lahore (171), Nur-Sultan (168), Wroclaw (166), Sofia (160) and Tehran (160).

As a reminder, the “preparedness” episode due to excessive pollution in Sarajevo is still in force. In such situations, it is recommended to avoid outdoor activities and stay at home. Given the current values ​​of pollution in Sarajevo, this air is not only dangerous for chronic patients, but the consequences for breathing will be felt by all citizens, Klix.ba writes.

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