“Sarajevo My City” – Best Stories from One Beautiful City

sarajevogradThe book called “Sarajevo Moj Grad”, book 5, which was written by a group of authors, was presented last night at the Bosnian Cultural Centre in Sarajevo.

Twenty authors have told the most beautiful stories of the city of Sarajevo. They were: Milorad Bjelogrlić, Evlija Ćelebi, Zlatan Hrelja- Čaki, Miljenko Jergović, Hamdija Kreševljaković, Ludvik Kuba, Jakša Kušan, Idana Materić, Enko Mehmedbašić, Hamdija Mulić, Milenko Pajić, Josip Pejaković, Miroslav Prstojević, Savo Skarić, Toni Skrbinac, Hajrudin Somun, Mile Stojić, Nebojša Šerić, Slobodan Šoja, Behija Zlatar.

The book promoters were prominent citizens of Sarajevo such as: Franjo Topić, Fehim Škaljić, Slobodan Stajić, Zoran Bibabnović, Ognjen Bomoštar, Mehmed Kundurović and Željko Ivanković.

“From the first book that we published, in the very beginning, I had a wish to leave something to my grandsons, to make them know that there was a “mahala” and that this city had a soul. I want to let them know that there were Bistrik or Vratnik but it was such a life going on in this city. A life as good as life in Paris, London or Brussels… Sarajevo is a magnificent city and an untold story; the story that can never be finished by anyone”, as Goran Mikulić said. He is the director of the publishing company “Rabic” who published the book.

Ivanković said that the best stories of one city were to be told as tales, and these stories were told by the journalists, writers, visual artists and prominent people of Sarajevo.

What Ivanković has found interesting is the story of the “Young Bosnia”, the writers who wrote in the first 30 years of the 20th century and those who witnessed life in Sarajevo, its resorts and weekends, as well as the post-war Sarajevo, when the city after the Second World War got the ropeway, the pool and when the 1st of May started to be celebrated.

“A series of the very interesting events arranged through a couple of centuries, through time and through space as well, and the texts of the most prominent authors which are told in a very interesting and a dynamic manner,” as Ivanković said.

Kundurović said that it is a pleasure for all who live in Sarajevo, whether originally from Sarajevo or not, to attend the evening where the stories, events and conversations about the city that offers so much to be told about are presented. As he said: “Here are the people who enjoy listening to the stories about their city”.

“It is all about the events testifying about the people who sacrificed something of their own to be able to call it their city. Sarajevo has brought the people together through the history because it gives a possibility of creating, producing and making your own life useful for yourself and others. We should continue with the series because it is precious. It is not the buildings that make a city, but the people and the events are.” Škaljić said.

Last night’s presentation in BCC was attended by the prominent of Sarajevo, artists, journalists, writers, citizens and all those who live Sarajevo.

(Source: novovijeme)

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