“SARAJEVO TIMES” Prize: Win two tickets for the Film “DEWENETI / BLUE JASMINE”

1 Sarajevotimes #92News portal “Sarajevo Times” in cooperation with the Sarajevo Film Festival, will reward the most loyal and most creative readers!

If you want to win two tickets to the screening of the film “Deweneti / Blue Jasmine”, it is necessary that on our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sarajevotimescom?fref=ts) or on twitter page (https://twitter.com/SarajevoTimes) to set the most original comment on question:

Most positive thing that SFF brings to Sarajevo and B&H???

Screening of the film “Deweneti / Blue Jasmine” is today  22nd August in Sarajevo at ! !HEJ OPEN AIR CINEMA, starting at 20.30.

Team of “Sarajevo Times” will select the most interesting comment, after which the winning name will be announced on Facebookand twitter page of our website.

The winners will be able to get the tickets at the premises of “Sarajevo Times” (Dolina 15, Marijin Dvor, Sarajevo) from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm.

Be creative and win prizes!

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