Save the Children: Race for Survival

race4survivalIt is a simultaneous race that will be held in 67 countries around the world during this year. At this global sporting event  participate more than 50.000 children will participate, from 11-13 years old, and in every participating country, on the same day  for a total length of 42.195 m. This event aims to draw public attention on the fact that in  the world there is still a huge number of children who die before the age of five. In fact, every five seconds in the world a child dies from diseases that can be prevented.

Save the Children, B&H race for life will take place in Tuzla, at the stadium “Tušanj”, on 23rd October, starting at 10:30. At the marathon children from primary schools in Tuzla and NGOs “Zemlja djece” will participate. Specifically, the total time in which they will run the planned length is the same as in other countries, and the best team at the world level will be declared.

A large number of government representatives and celebrities from around the world participate in this race in their home countries. The musician Elvir Laković Laka will attend once again the race for life in B&H.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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