Shipping Charges up to 300 BAM will be exempted

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) recently adopted the Decision on the exemption of the payment of import and export duties. It is a decision that allows the natural persons to order goods from abroad, which they pay when ordering to the amount up to 300 BAM.

The Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of BiH said that the Decision is prepared for publication in the Official Gazette of BiH. The application of this Decision will start on the eighth day after its publication in the Official Gazette of BiH. More specifically, this means that the announcement of the mentioned decision and its application can be expected soon.

“In accordance with the mentioned decision, certain changes have occurred when it comes to the amount of the payment for which the exemption of import duties payment is set. When a person enters the customs territory of BiH by vehicle or otherwise, he is currently entitled to release the import duties on the goods which he puts in his personal luggage for the personal needs up to 200 BAM, “ they told us from the ITA of BiH.

With the implementation and the beginning of the application of the new Decision this value is increased to the amount of 600 BAM.

According to the current regulations, when BiH citizens receive packages from abroad, the payment of the import charges is immediately canceled on the packages of negligible value up to 50 BAM.

“With the implementation and the beginning of the application of the new Decision, this value will be increased to the amount of 300 BAM, if a natural person orders commodity from abroad and pays it when ordering. On the other hand, packages up to 90 BAM are exempted from payment of import duty if physical persons from BiH get them from abroad without any kind of payment, “ they say from the ITA.

When it comes to the mentioned commodity, it must be evident that it is intended for personal needs. They conclude that quantities which would suggest that the commodity is intended for the further sale in BiH would not be considered.


(Source: klix.ba)

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