Six Months Imprisonment for Sadik Ahmetovic for Abuse of Office


On 24 November 2021, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina pronounced an appeals judgment in the case of Sadik Ahmetović, finding the accused Sadik Ahmetović guilty of the criminal offense of Abuse of Office or Official Authority under Article 220(1) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CC BiH). The Court sentenced him to 6 (six) months of imprisonment.

The accused Sadik Ahmetović has been found guilty that in his capacity as an official person in the institutions of BiH, as the BiH Minister of Security, in office since 24 November 2009, knowingly abusing his authority, in violation of Article 61 of the Law on Administration, in order to obtain property gain for Adnan Bektić, he signed with him 4 temporary service contracts to create an illusion that Adnan Bektić was performing duties and tasks agreed in the contract; however, Adnan Bektić has never performed or carried out the commissioned works, but continued to be the minister’s driver, although he was not at all employed as a driver at the BiH Ministry of Security between 1 January 2012 and 7 November 2012.

In this way the accused Sadik Ahmetović enabled Adnan Bektić to receive compensation for the services commissioned under the temporary service contracts although he knew that he was not providing the commissioned services, whereby he obtained for him property gain in the amount of 4,014.00 BAM.

Pursuant to Articles 110, 111 and 220(4) CC BiH, the ill-gotten gain in the amount of 4,014.00 BAM shall be confiscated from Adnan Bektić. Adnan Bektić shall pay the above amount towards the budget of Bosnia and Herzegovina within 30 days of the day when the judgment becomes final, under threat of enforcement.

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