Who will compensate for the Losses in the Mines caused during the Miners’ Strike?

The miners working within the Concern of Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina are still on strike and coal production has been suspended. It has already reflected on certain segments in the business and supply of consumers. The miners say they will not give up on the request, and all negotiations so far have not yielded results.

The Kreka mine from Tuzla has been in great losses for a long time, which are further complicated by the suspended production from November 23.

These same losses are increasing every day, and the exact amount is difficult to specify. Someone will have to pay that invoice, regardless of the lack of production, Husein Trumic, the acting director of the Kreka Tuzla Mine, told FTV.

“Whether that money will be through workers or someone will set up that money, I do not see a way out at this moment how to replace that money and part of the funds in Kreka’s already difficult business policy. We have to understand that we are losing almost three million every month “, points out Trumic.

The depots of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla are without coal stocks and the further production of electricity and heat is seriously endangered due to the current events in the mines of the Concern. Thus, the delivery from the coal mine Kreka is questionable. Reductions in the delivery and supply of customers are increasingly certain, ‘ it was announced by the Elektroprivreda Bosnia and Herzegovina (EPBiH).

On Wednesday at 10 p.m., Unit 4 was suspended, and Unit 3 with one boiler was put into operation as a replacement capacity. These are plants in which thermal energy is produced for heating about 120 thousand citizens of Tuzla and Lukavac.

“Unit 3 will be in operation with both boilers in the next weekwhen colder weather is forecasted. The necessary quantities of coal for its operation will be provided from the Banovici and Stanari mines.”

Next week, the production of electricity and technological steam for the industry will be performed only on Unit 6, whose work is more difficult and is currently based on flow reception, which means that all delivered quantities of coal are immediately transported to the production process,” it was said by the EPBiH.

“Thermal Power Plant Tuzla informed the users of thermal energy and technological steam about a possible reduction in supply caused by the suspension of coal deliveries from the Concern’s mines. Due to the difficult operation of the plant in Tuzla, all three units and their further functioning arequestionable from the technological and security aspects. “

”To recall, production in the Zenica, Breza, and Kakanj mines, as announced during the miners ‘protest in Sarajevo, was suspended due to workers’ disobedience of the miners of seven mines of the EPBiH Concern. Production has been suspended and will remain so until our requirements are met, ” stated Abdel Fazlic, president of the Kakanj black coal mine Workers’ Union.

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