Special Recognition to Doctor Dragan Piljic from BiH

At the beginning of the year, Tuzla cardiovascular surgeon Dragan Piljic publicly presented an innovative approach to surgical treatment of the abdominal aorta and pelvic arteries, for which he was recently awarded the special recognition “Creators for Centuries”.

The method of this cardiovascular surgeon, prof. dr. sc. Dragan Piljic is based on his decades-long work in practice, but also in world scientific institutions.

That work is now crowned with the “Creators for Centuries” award, which he got from the European Economic Forum, in accordance with the decision of the International Committee for Awards and Recognitions for Contribution to the Development of Entrepreneurship in Central and Southeast Europe.

According to the organizers, this award draws the public’s attention to people whose work, knowledge, creativity, and excellent results are the main drivers of the progress of the social community.

The group of such experts now includes Tuzla citizen, who worked for years on creating a method named after his surname, which is recognized in the world scientific framework in the field of medicine.

Years of work

Considering that the abdominal wall can be considered a separate organ, Professor Piljic started to search for modalities that would contribute to reducing such an extremely complex operation to the simplest level. Through years of work experience, he has succeeded in this, and the results of the research have been published in the United States (U.S.), German, and Japanese highly indexed journals.

According to the findings of this excellent cardiovascular surgeon, the method is used not only in Tuzla but also in other medical centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the region, however, it is possible that it is more widespread in the world, given that Professor Piljic‘s scientific papers were published in free journals so that anyone who wishes can have free insight and use the method in their work without any restrictions and fees.

That Professor Piljic made a great contribution to the development of medicine with his method. It was also confirmed by the “Creators for Centuries” award, which he got in a competition of 194 candidates from nine European countries. He said that it represents satisfaction for his further work.

“In all this, I have no material benefits, I just get more work, because people come to me not only from BiH but also from the region, who want to be operated here. But I am proud of all this,” said the interlocutor.

The medical team of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery also includes a number of extremely young doctors who Piljic said that they represent the future of BiH medicine. He thinks that their older colleagues, but also the state as a whole, must support them.



Source: Klix.ba



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