Star of the Game of Thrones arrived in Sarajevo!

Liam_RSASer Davos Seaworth arrived in Sarajevo!

Irish actor Liam Cunnigham arrived in Sarajevo on Friday, where he will present his new movie on the Sarajevo Film Festival.

It is the movie “The Childhood of a Leader” where he will be playing US diplomat in France after World War II. The film will be screened on the 20th of August as part of the Special Screenings at the Meeting Point Cinema, which will be followed by an interview.

Cunningham spent a lot of his time on trainings with UFC fighters in order to prepare for an epic fight scene of Ser Davos that is waiting for us in the next season of Game of Thrones.

Cunningham’s diverse career has enabled him to be equally good in leading and supporting roles, in drama and comedy, on stage, on screen and behind the camera. He also makes documentaries about current and burning issues, and  he added “producer” to variety of his occupations in 2011. He and Michael Fassbender co-produced the short film Pitch Black Heist in which they starred, which won Bafta Award for Best Short Film in 2012.

“The Childhood of a Leader” is a terrible story about the appearance of authoritarianism in the 20th century. It tells the story about a boy who lived in France back in 1918 and whose father worked for the government of President Woodrow Wilson on the Treaty of Versailles, immediately after the World War I. The things he evidenced helped in shaping his beliefs – and we are witnessing the birth of horrifying ego.



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