“State of alert” for Air Pollution declared in the Sarajevo Canton

Based on measured concentrations of air pollutants, the Expert Body for Coordination and Supervision announced that the prescribed conditions for re-declaring the “state of alert” in the Sarajevo Canton have been met.

“By measuring the concentrations of pollutants in the air in the Sarajevo Canton, at the automatic stations in the Sarajevo Canton, the limit values for PM10 particulate matter in the air (50µg / m3) has been exceeded, for the previous day. Other monitored pollutants did not record exceedances of daily limit values,” it is stated.

According to the forecast of the Federation od BiH Hydrometeorological Institute, moderate to mostly cloudy weather is expected for the next three days, with low-intensity winds and temperature inversion in the morning and evening. For that reason, the increase in the concentrations of pollutants in the air and the variation during the day are also predicted.

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