Strengthening SIPA Capacities – The Most Modern Weapons for the Special Support Unit Purchased

SIPANew equipment for the needs of the Special Support Unit of SIPA are purchased within the continuous process of modernizing and strengthening the material and technical capacity of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA).

The equipments consist of the most modern weapons of Belgian and British origins which are used by the most famous special units in the world, rifle “Scar-L CQC” cal. 5.56×45 mm, automatic „P90“, cal. 5.7×28 mm and sniper rifle “Accuracy International” cal. 338 mm “Lapua Magnum”.

With the procurement of these modern weapons, modeled on best practices, SIPA Director has once again demonstrated the commitment to strengthen the overall capacity of the Agency, because only with personnel profiling, continuous education and training, and adequate material and technical equipment can excellent results be expected, and fulfilling the statutory role of SIPA as the leading police agency in B&H in the fight against the most complex types of crime.

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