Success Story: Bosnian who employs 3250 People!

Pero Gudelj is the co-owner of one of the largest companies in BiH, the retail chain Fis Vitez, which employs a total of 3.250 workers. The company is constantly in the expansion and it opens between 100 and 200 new workplaces every year.

“I grew up in a village, and the budget of my parents was around 100, 200 BAM. I’ve finished chemistry school. I started working in Vitez, and my first salary was 300 BAM in dinars. I was so happy with those 300 BAM that I even said “I will stay to work here until I die, because I have 300 BAM in my pocket,” said Gudelj.

Also, he played a lot and sang, and he even had his own orchestra. He used to play by 1 or 2 AM and started working from 6 AM, so he slept only for a few hours, which was more than exhausting.

He realized that he could make more money in a private sector, and after four to five years, he left Vitezit. He started working as a taxi driver.

When asked how he managed to develop such a large business, he said that everything went spontaneously, step by step, and that he could not even dream of achieving all of this back then.

“When you start working in that field, the business mandates expansion because the competition is not waiting,” said Gudelj.

When asked whether business has to be expanded or he can just stop, he said, “a rich is not what matters, but that more people have a workplace.”

“ It is the easiest for me to stop now. Some people were even convincing me to sell everything and put all the money in the bank. That would be sad because of the employees who have been working with me for 30 years and there is part of their cake in this whole business as well. I am happy when we expand, and we have 100 or 200 new workplaces every year. As soon as we achieve some profit, we invest it in the production,” said Gudelj,









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