Sušić: Kvesić instead of Salihović, without Misimović and Šehić

Tomorrow, Manager of BiH football team, Safet Sušić will announce names of the players who’ll play against Slovenia.

There are 20 players on his list, and the new name is the football player of Željezničar, Josip Kvesić.

Sušić said to that tomorrow he’ll announce the names, and since Sejad Salihović won’t be playing, young football player of Željezničar Josip Kvesić will play instead.

Sušić added: ” Concerning other names, we shan’t experiment a lot, because there is no need for that. Lately we’ve been playing very well and I don’t see why should we experiment.  Misimović and Ibrahim Šehić, who practically doesn’t have a club, won’t be on the list, but we do have two goal keepers and his absence won’t cause any problems.”

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