The energy sector tested the opening of the market in B&H

The Project of assistance to regulations and reform of the energy sector of USAID called USAID REAP, organized a two-day seminar on Vlašić, on the topic of market processes in the energy sector.

The Head of the Mission of USAID opened the seminar. The representatives of all important institutions from the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the seminar, including the state and entity ministries for electrical energy, three regulation commissions for electrical energy, the municipal services of Brčko District, three electric power industries, the Independent operator of systems in B&H and the ” Elekroprijenos” of B&H.

The aim of this seminar was to discuss the ways in which they can open the market of the energy sector. They have agreed that they could actively include customers and citizens in the market. “If we were to move forward to an open market and offer commercial prizes of electrical energy, in that case, we would have to pay attention to the most vulnerable members of our society. We have to demand from the Government to secure the plan for the opening of such a market that will include the regulations on security of its most vulnerable customers”- said David Barth, the Head of the Mission of USAID.

The participants of the seminar on market process also discussed the hypothetical case in which the customers may also want to have electrical energy from an independent energy supplier. The participant also discussed and tested the ways in which the market processes are firmly founded and whether they are clear and transparent enough.

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