Increase in Prices in many Sections in Bosnia-Herzegovina


The highest annual price increase in November last year was recorded in the section of alcoholic beverages and tobacco 5.7 percent, due to higher prices in the tobacco group of 7.6 percent, then in the recreation and culture sector 2.6 percent, due to higher prices in the group recreation and sports services of 5.8 percent.

Higher prices were recorded in the housing section 1.3 percent, due to the increase in the group of garbage collection services by 9.7 percent, then in the section food and non-alcoholic beverages 1.0 percent, due to higher prices in the group of fruits by 9.4 percent, was stated by BiH’s Agency for Statistics.

The annual price increase of 0.9 percent was recorded in the health sector, in the section restaurants and hotels the increase was 0.7 percent, while in the communication section there was a 0.5 percent increase.

Statistics indicate that of the 12 major product and service divisions, higher annual prices were recorded in seven, lower in four, while prices in one section remained unchanged.

The largest annual fall in prices in November 2019 was recorded in clothing and footwear by 11.6 percent due to seasonal reductions in clothing and footwear during the year, followed by transportation by 1.9 percent, due to lower motor vehicle prices by 4.9 percent.

Also, lower prices were recorded on a yearly basis for furniture, by 0.5 percent and other goods and services by 0.4 percent.


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