The furious Bordeaux Boys smashed FC Drina

FC Sarajevo-FC Drina fcsarajevo.baThe football players of FC Sarajevo and FC Drina played yesterday in Travnik the final match of the first round of the BH Telecom Premier League. The Bordeaux team celebrated a great triumph; there were no problems in realization for the yesterday’s host, so the guest left Pirota with a net full of goals. The final result was 6:1.

The guests came into lead already in the early stage of the match. Boban Djeric was the goal scorer after a harsh mistake of the hosting defense, but the Bordeaux team reversed the result by the end of the first part of the match.

Leon Benko and Mehmed Alispahic scored the goals for the result of 2:1. Especially good was the shot by the former player of FC Dinamo – his first in the Bordeaux jersey. The break was taken with the lead of the team from Sarajevo.

In the second part, Sarajevo managed to fill the net of FC Drina to the top. Krste Velskoski, Leon Benko, Sevko Okic and Benko scored the goals in a sequence. It could be more convincing. The more prepared and motivated home players could have scored some more goals, but the result remained to be 6:1.

FC Sarajevo: Ostrakovic, Hebibovic, Puzigaca, Stepanov, Barbaric, Radovac, Alispahic, Cimirot, Amer Bekic, Velkoski, Benko.

FC Drina: Maksimovic, Siljak, Ivanovic, Popovic, Petrovic, Kikic, Culum, Ilic, Music, Eric, Djeric.


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