The Government of CS will subsidize Purchase of Apartments for Young People

The Government of Canton Sarajevo decided to grant subsidies for the purchase of apartments for 330 young people up to 35 years of age at the most recent session held on Igman.

Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of CS, Cedomir Lukic, explained that the conditions for the subsidy were that the person was under the age of 35, a citizen of BiH with a residency in the CS for the last three years, that this is their first purchase of the apartment, that a couple or an individual does not own any other property, and that the person did not buy the property from close relatives.

“We received a total of 580 applications, out of which 489 were valid for receiving a subsidy, and 330 of them will receive a subsidy, in accordance with our possibilities,” said Lukic.

He explained that they started with the adoption of the program with 400,000 BAM, which was increased with a rebalance to 800,000 BAM, which was further increased to 1,3 million BAM with the reallocation of funds within the ministry, and after it received the support of all members of the Government at the most recent session, it amounted to a total of 3,3 million BAM.

Lukic also stated that those who have not been elected for the subsidy because there are no funds for them at the moment, will be able to apply next year.

(Source: fokus.ba)



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