The House of Peoples of the Parliament of FB&H passed the Labor Law

Labor Law Passed bportal.baAt today’s extraordinary session, the House of Peoples of the Parliament of FB&H passed the Labor Law which caused great controversy in the Federation in recent weeks.

The law was passed with 28 votes for and three votes against, and the delegates of Nasa stranka, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Party for Better Future (SBB) and the Democratic Front (DF) left the session earlier.

In his address prior to the voting on the Draft Law on Labor, the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalic said that this is the most liberal labor law in Europe, and that the liberalism has been offered to us as a prize.

“If the law is not adopted, then there are no employment and no accession funds”, he said.

Novalic said that the accession funds are necessary in order to focus on employment and development of the country. The failure to adopt will only lead to the continuation of the practice of the existence of the privileged that live at the expense of the citizens of FB&H.

“We need the law for us, not for the EU”, Novalic said.

Safudin Cengic, the president of the Employers’ Association in FB&H said that the negotiations on the Labor Law began in May this year, after a meeting with the Federal Minister of Labor Milan Mandilovic.

“Then we were given an opportunity, as well as the Union, to compromise and that the Government will accept it”, Cengic pointed out.

A representative of the SNSD Slavisa Mihajlovic said that, according to the agreement with the President of FB&H Marinko Cavara, the SNSD will support the reform laws in the Parliament of FB&H. However, this political party concluded that the SDA and HDZ do not have the capacities to implement the reforms in FB&H.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo bportal)

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