Session of B&H Council of Ministers in Sarajevo Today

vijece-ministara-zgradaAt today’s session the Council of Ministers will discuss the draft documents on budgets of B&H institutions for the period 2014- 2016, proposed by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

The draft law on salaries and other fees of the judicial and prosecution institutions at the state level, the draft law on public procurement, the draft law on the prevention of money laundering and prevention of financing terrorist activities and the draft law on amendments to the law on the protection of  secret information will be discussed and overviewed.

At today’s agenda should be found the information on actions taken regarding to the study “Turning off the Fire Forest in B&H” as well as information on forest fires in B&H for the period from 31st July to 27th August 2013, proposed by the Ministry of Security.

B&H Council of Ministers, among other things, should discuss the information on the application to the European Court of Human Rights of the case “Ilijaz Pilav against B&H”

(Source: Fena)


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