The US continues to strongly support the Armed Forces of BiH

Assistant Minister of Defense of BiH for International Cooperation Zoran Šajinović and the US Defense Attaché to BiH Brigadier Michael Tarquinto signed today a Memorandum of Understanding – Action Plan for Bilateral Defense Cooperation for 2022 (M2M Activity Plan) between the BiH Ministry of Defense and US Department of Defense.

Šajinović thanked for the help and support of the United States to the BiH institutions, and said that they were, are and will remain the number one partner in the future when it comes to support, assistance and cooperation in the field of defense with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On behalf of the BiH Ministry of Defense, he thanked the entire US team for their dedicated work and commitment, as well as the representatives of the BiH Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces who worked on the preparation of this plan, which will contribute to increasing the equipping, capabilities and defense partnerships of the BiH Armed Forces.

Accompanied by Brigadier Tarquint, the signing ceremony was attended by the Head of the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) of the US Embassy in BiH, Major Taib Grozdanić, the Ministry of Defense of BiH stated.

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