They are breaking Stereotypes: Women in the “Male” Professions

12834970_1737352589834751_625719766_nAlthough there is less division between typical male and female occupations, there is a total of 10 times more men than women in Sarajevo, who are engaged in profession of Sadeta Loncaric, the tram driver.

While some women were waiting men to return from the front lines, this woman was in the tram. But not in the role of the passenger.

“Then were seeking mainly for women for the training, because the men were mobilized,” said Sadeta Loncaric, the driver of the tram.

However, this is not the only unusual occupation that women love.

Edina Zukic is a woman who is a soldier by profession.

“When we saw the public invitation for recruiting women in the military, it was fascinating for us, because AF BIH gave the opportunity to women to work in that field,” she said together with her sister Amina.

Women in male professions are demonstrating ambition, as well as power. In her early twenties, Sana Muslic brought the title of the World Champion in the Women’s Bodybuilding and the title of the World Vice Champion in her native BiH.

“Before that, I was a champion of the Balkans, state, several times international etc.”

“I had the opportunity to experience those nice comments. Those like: wow beautifully sculpted body, pretty, nice, attractive, and then suddenly it was – what happened? But for me, it was great. I’ve got a lot of muscle, increased my weight, I won everything I could, including the stereotype which states that male profession is not going with the biological role of women. “

“I’ll be soon become a mother as well, at the end of next month. Immediately after that, I’ll go back to competitions,” said Sana.

(Source: Aida Hadzimusic/ N1)

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