National Museum of BiH full of Visitors

12834780_1737365626500114_1090230872_nYoungest visitors admired the most the artistic and scientific installation, with the sunken ship and whale skeleton at its center.

The exhibition dates back from the first days of the opening of the museum more than a hundred years ago, and today’s exhibition installation is consisted of more than 100 species of reptiles, marine fish, birds and mammals. At the very beginning, it was consisted of exhibits of skeleton of duck whale, monk seals and marine fish.

Birds were added to the exhibition later, after which the entire exhibition was destroyed in the explosion of a tank shell during the aggression on BiH in 1992.

“Employees of the museum preserved the exhibits and worked on the restoration of the exhibition,” said the author of the exhibition and curator of the Department of Natural Sciences of the National Museum of BiH Drazen Kotrosan.

The exhibition, he emphasized, is sending a message about the danger of endangerment and disappearance of specific animal species and their habitats.

“There are exhibits of endangered animal species, which are several decades old. We can see now a museum full of children for which we had to change this style of the expression, and we hope that they will be our future audience because we must bring back the feeling and culture of visiting the museum,” said Kotrosan.

The most attractive exhibit of the exhibition is the skeleton of a duck whale, which was found in 1893 on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Besides the skeleton, also important is the exhibit of great white shark that was caught in 1954 near Senj in Croatia.

The exhibition also includes the sea-bear, otters, sea turtles, freshwater and saltwater fish, pelicans and storks, whose population is now considerably reduced or forever extinct.



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