Third Fair of Organic Producers in Gradačac 2013 on 28-29 March

The Association of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Tuzla Canton Chamber of Commerce held a meeting yesterday on the expansion of the Board Group of Organic Producers in Tuzla Canton, where the 3rd fair of organic producers Eko-Etno BiH 2013 was presented.

This fair will be held from 28-29 March in Gradačac, where around 70 exhibitors from BiH and abroad are expected.

The main goal of the fair is to gather all exhibitors that have a certificate of organic production from BiH and abroad in order to present organic products without mineral fertilizers and chemicals.

‘’We wish to gather all exhibitors at the fair with their organic products, and that is for products that were grown on land without any mineral fertilizers or chemicals added. There are more and more consumers who recognize the quality of such products. We wish to have more certified producers and we wish to increase the volume of production, and with this to expand a brand so that tomorrow it becomes an organization that stands behind small producers and that will be recognizable within the geographical region from which it emerged’’, said the Secretary of the Association for Agriculture and Food for the Tuzla Chamber of Commerce Suad Selimović.

At the fair there will be lectures, roundtables and presentations of organic products in BiH.

The first fair was organized in 2011 with 45 exhibitors from BiH, and the year before that there were 53 exhibitors from BiH and abroad.

It will be a specialized fair event that seeks to profile itself as an important event in BiH and in the Tuzla Canton.

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