Tolerance and reforms in Brcko must be respected and supported by all in BiH

This year has seen some progress on reforms, but 2022 must be the year in which the dreams of a better and prosperous future for Brčko are manifested, the Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan stated today.

It must be visible in the spring when it comes to infrastructure projects, anti-corruption efforts, and civil service reform. But it also requires unwavering tolerance and mutual respect within the community and among others in BiH towards Brčko.

The District is an example of successful post-war coexistence. This fact is reflected every day in the interactions of Brčko’s residents, but it also must be unambiguously reflected in the actions and statements of the District’s public officials, and be respected by all officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Indeed, special care must be invested by all to make sure Brčko’s status is not misused for any further political escalation in BiH. Per the Brčko Final Award, the entities are obligated to support Brčko’s unique status, thus the District must not be instrumentalized in either political actions or rhetoric.

As for Brčko’s elected leaders, their focus must be on the District and delivering progress and quality-of-life improvements to the community. Having chosen to enter politics, be they in the ruling majority or in the opposition, they are always on display. Thus, they and their parties are expected to lead by example and demonstrate respect, restraint, and political courage in line with the ethos of the District, a multiethnic community.

The focus of the District community this holiday season should be on helping and comforting each other after another challenging pandemic year, and looking towards a new year and a new beginning for Brčko to achieve the shared prosperity that is within reach if the right choices are made, the Supervisor said.

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