Tourism List Fair 2013 Opened

LukavacThe Lukavac tourism fair, which is the 11th in a row, opened today at the plateu in front of the city sports hall.

Hundreds of agencies and companies from the tourism-hospitality industry attended, as well as tourist boards and institutions and associations from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and BiH.

“We are organizing this fair during difficult times, but I can confirm that every year we are witnessing better quality manifestations. And this year we have prepared a rich program, and our guests and visitors will have the chance to enjoy in this’’, said the Director of the fair Izet Nuhanović.

The Prime Minister of the Tuzla Canton Sead Čaušević and the Mayor of municipality Lukavac Dževad Mujkić opened the fair, while BiH and German organizations took part in the cultural-artistic part of the program.

A round table on the topic “Development of Eco-Tourism in Tuzla Canton will be organized, as well as” potentials and advantages” and “Hunting in the Tuzla Canton and Concessions”. “Novinarska kotlićijada” will be organized on the last day of the fair, where media representatives will compete in making goulash.


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