Two BiH Students Will Be Chosen for Scholarships and Studying at Japanese Universities in 2014

studenti-1Stipends given out by the government of Japan to BiH students for study at Japanese universities were approved for 2014.

Just like last year, two students will pass the competition that will last until 7 June. The First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan to BiH Yoshiaki Makino confirmed this today in Sarajevo during a presentation of the stipend program.

The government of Japan offers four stipend programs, and for 2014 it includes undergraduate studies, research studies, higher education and technical shool.

Makino said that the stipend covers all expenses that a student will incur during their stay in Japan, except for the first month, students should have 2.000 US dollars until they receive their first stipend.

Since 1996, the government of Japan has been implementing this stipend program in order to strengthen the relations between Japan and BiH. Since 1996, more than 30 students have finished studies at Japanese universities.

“These students now serve as a strong link between BiH and Japan. They have become successful in all fields and are prepared to compete for any professional position in the world’’, said Makino.

Stipends for students who wish to study as student researchers and graduate studies last for two years, and the first six months will involve learning Japanese.

The stipends for students who wish to study social or natural sciences last for around five years, and for the study of the Japanese language around one year is needed. The condition is to have completed 11 years of study until March 2014.

Studies in technical fields last for four years, and includes a year of language learning, while students who apply to studies related to personal care and nutrition, education and social work last for about three years, said during the presentation of the stipend program.

Alma Džinalija, a former stipend awardee, said that this is a big and useful experience that offers a high level of education.

“The system of education is tailored to foreign students and the process of adoption poses no problems aid Džinalija, who told young people to use the opportunity and to compete for this competition.

Applications should be sent directly to the Japanese Embassy.

(Source: Fena)


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