Two New Year Concerts canceled in Banja Luka

Mayor of City of Banja Luka Igor Radojicic held a press conference on the occasion of protests of the “Justice for David” group that was held on Sunday evening and which resulted in canceling of Haris Dzinovic’s concert.

Radojicic also said that there will be no concerts in Banja Luka tonight.

Radojicic said that protests last night were an approved one and was held without any problems and incidents, while the second gathering, or New Year’s Concert, will be disabled.

Today, Radojicic canceled the celebration of Children New Year which should be held today at noon at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Banja Luka, as well as all other events for children that were to be held today for the occasion of the New Year celebration.

He said that he did not want any child to be potentially endangered or traumatized and that no one cannot assume where the group will move and whether they will try to stop other events.

Radojicic said that he was asking from the beginning from authorities to resolve the case “Dragicevic”, but that the demonstrations went in the other direction.

“The New Year’s Concerts have been moved to another location before in order to avoid any sort of confrontation,” Radojicic said.

He stressed that demonstrators can protest in accordance with constitution and law, and that people who want to celebrate, have the right to do so.

“Last night, the rules were violated, and the participants of one gathering prevented the other one,” Radojicic said, adding that he had met people who were scared last night.

Concerts by Zeljko Samardzic and Nikola Rokvic are canceled, Radojici concluded.



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