Have you visited Ponijeri air Spa?

ponijeriDuring the weekend, ski center Ponijeri has recorded a presence of a large number of citizens of Kakanj but of other cities as well. A great number of tourists waited in a line to ski and to fee the magic of a thousand meter ski trails.

Moreover, the winter magic felt in Ponijeri complements with the prices that are adjusted to Bosnian salaries. According to the price list, it can be concluded that Ponijeri is the first national skiing and mountaineering destination in BiH.

Prices are as follows: day tickets for the ski-lift costs 15 BAM, half-day is 10 BAM, a cup of hot tea costs 1.5 BAM, the same price goes for a cup of coffee, soft drinks cost 2 BAM and natural juices 2.5 BAM.

Renting of full equipment for skiing costs from 10 to 15 BAM. Moreover, it is important to note that prices and the ski school are very affordable as well. For the ones who do not own a car,  there is a bus that drives to Ponijeri, and the ride is free of charge because the costs are paid by the Municipality of Kakanj.

“The ride by car takes only half an hour, and it is important to note that the road is cleared of snow and strewn with an abrasive material. The ones interested in spending time in Ponijeri can do so by going from Kakanj, over the settlement Tršće, and then to Ponijeri: Kakanj’s air spa, resort and ski center at an altitude of 1, 144 meters”, announced from the Municipality of Kakanj.

(Source: faktor)

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