Where is Inzko’s Law and for how long will the Humiliation of our State be tolerated?

Another unconstitutional parade by which the authorities of the Republika Srpska (RS) are celebrating RS Day has ended. Criminals were promoted and celebrated, non-Serbs were threatened, and all this was greeted by ministers from RS and Serbia, with waving flags and applause.

This scenario of ridiculing the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), denying its judicial institutions and decisions, violating the law has been going on for years. And it is usually talked about for two days, and after that messages start arriving from the international community, how it is necessary to negotiate and seek solutions.

And who will reassure the returnees and explain that the fact that someone sings threatening nationalist songs under theirwindow and celebrates convicted war criminals is nothing serious? Will some diplomats come to Foca, Prijedor, or Gacko and say that this is an insignificant incident. Will we listen again to the messages from Serbia and Croatia on how we should allsit at the table and agree. Will we listen to Zoran Milanovic’s statements that Milorad Dodik is the least serious problem in BiH?

Can the march of nationalism in the cities of RS be so relativized. How to negotiate reforms, the election law, if after all the final verdicts, after the state law on punishing war criminals, songs of glorifications to Ratko Mladic are heard on the streets of RS, if the bloody Drina is mentioned in the songs and the like. Those who neglect it all are either extremely tolerant or do not wish this country well.

The first United States (U.S.) sanctions were announced. The list includes Milorad Dodik and Alternative Television. It is expected that more companies and individuals of lower rank than Dodik will be on the same list, but it is clear that the first man of the RS entity policy, who is also a member of the Presidency of BiH, continues the destructive policy.

Shortly after the publication of the so-called Inzko’s law, when RS political representatives withdrew from state institutions, we listened to messages about how temporary it is, how Dodik will calm down after the holidays and how everything will be fine from the fall. Fall has come and gone. Meanwhile, the RS government passed its own law on medicines and began withdrawing from the state agency. They then passed a law rejecting Inzko’s application of the RS law, which came into force.

It is a special question for the citizens of RS what they are celebrating. What is covered by these nationalist outbursts. Who are the citizens to which the RS government serves the story of RS Day. What are the gathered masses shouting about. Even SDS President Mirko Sarovic said on Sunday that it was questionable whether there were a million people in the entity.

“Today we have the RS, but without people, and that is the biggest flaw. In 2001, when I was president, 1.200.000 inhabitants were mentioned. Today, there are far fewer of them,” explained Sarovic.


Source: Klix.ba

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