Will Social Work Service take Children from a Man who is in Prison after he stole Three Meters of Wood?


The wife of the former member of Army of Reoublic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Fikret Dedic, who was sentenced to half a year in prison for stealing three meters of wood, explained to Avaz news portal that they had recently been visited by the Buzim Social Work Service to see how their children were living.

According to her, social workers were interested in whether the children were well, whether they were going to school, or whether they were being physically abused.

She told Avaz that her husband, who is serving his sentence at the Luka Penitentiary in BiH ac, was scared and asked if the Buzim police were coming, and will they take the children.

“He is afraid now. He called and asked who was coming. Besides being disappointed in everything, it’s normal for him to care. But I told him they were just asking about the children, us, how we live. Our kids go to school, everybody knows it,” Ramiza says.

She claims that although her husband has been in prison for months, he has never been on leave.

She says she visited him on Sunday and that children are eager to see him. Their only wish is for him to come home.

“We talked for an hour, I see he is sad, disappointed. He says it’s nothing to him. But, well, he has to fight, he’ll stay there until the end,” she says.

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