Winter Time begins by moving Back One Hour on Sunday

On the night between Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of October, winter time begins by moving back one hour. This means that the hands in 3 o’clock should be returned to 2 o’cWintertimer time counting lasts until the last weekend in March of the following year when summertime counting follows.

This is one of the last movements because the Committee of the European Parliament voted to abolish the clock movement in 2021, which has been happening twice a year for decades – in March and October.

The term wintertime is commonly used to replace standard time throughout Europe. For example, when the European Union (EU) wants to scrap DST permanently, member states are asked to decide whether to remain on permanent summertime or permanent wintertime.

The term wintertime is commonly used in Scandinavia where it is known as “vintertid,” Germany refers to it as “Winterzeit,” and in the Netherlands, they call it “Wintertijd.”

Some countries that have historically used DST, including Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt, also use winter time.

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