World media reported on the Second Biennale D-0 ARK UNDERGROUND

ARKWorld media reported on the opening of the Second Biennale D-0 ARK UNDERGROUND, reports Fena.

New York Times, Huffington Post, CBS News, Sky News, India Today, MSN News, Washington Post, The Vancouver Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily News, The Monitor and numerous other media reported about the opening ceremony of the 2nd Biennale with the description of nuclear shelter and artistic setting in it, said on Sunday the Directorate of the Project.

Media reported that the Project also wants to transform the nuclear shelter in the Museum of Contemporary Art, and they further stated that it is a unique world cultural event.

The Directorate of the Project stated that representatives of media from Turkey, Germany, Italy, France and other countries attended the opening ceremony, and added that famous contemporary artists and critics Iaroslava Boubnova, Anton Vodokle, Marieke Van Hal and Pelin Tal attended the Round Table on the occasion of Biennale which was held in Bosniak Institute in Sarajevo.

They noted that the Project D-0 ARK Underground promotes a unique cultural phenomenon that come from BiH and it sends a message of peace and optimism.

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