Young People of different Religions decorated Eggs on the Eve of Easter

Pupils of Elementary School Sava Trnovo and Elementary School Zaim Kolar Dejcici-Trnovo painted and decorated Easter eggs within their “Interreligious introduction with religious customs of Easter and Eid” on Wednesday. They will give decorated eggs to people at retirement home in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

This activity is part of action plan of the Working group and it is realized by National Library Trnovo. Yesterday, children decorated eggs together, and priest told them everything about the importance of Easter and symbolism of eggs on that holiday, and the next activity will be on Eid when children will have opportunity to learn about customs related to that holiday from Islamic leader from Trnovo,” said Mira Przulj, the member of the working group from Municipality of Trnovo while Marija, Ana, Andreja, Kristina and Andjela decorated eggs and demonstrated techniques of painting, decoupage and crepe paper. They are joined by Hana, Muamer, Aldin, Edina, Arijana and Amina who cut out stickers and put them on painted Easter eggs.

“We are doing similar workshops with children who are painting eggs for two years now, and we exhibit their works later. This year, children from school in Dejcici are participating for the first time. Membership in our library is multi-ethnic, and we are happy to host this kind of gathering,” said Janja Bogdanovic.

“I like it and I am glad that we can learn something new and get to know each other. I had a chance to see how Easter eggs are painted at my neighbour once before, and I am happy that we all have the opportunity to see how it is done together,” said Amina, a student of sixth grade, and Aldin, who is student of High Medical School in Sarajevo, said that he believes that this kind of gatherings are useful.

“We need to get to know each other, some of us already met, and by learning about other and different we become closer to each other,” said Marija, and together with her friends, stated that they will gladly attend this gathering on Eid.

“We were glad to accept invitation to this gathering, and we will gladly prepare gathering in June for Eid where we will tell children and young people about customs related to our largest holiday with some baklava. I believe that this gathering, as well as gathering for Eid, will be very useful since the one who respects own faith respects faiths of the others”, said Imam (Islamic leader) of Trnovo, Mirel Okanovic, who had the opportunity to talk about differences and similarities between two religions with priest Mladen Mikavica during the workshop.

“We have to socialize, to talk and to get to know each other because different religions and cultures have always lived together in this region. We live together, cooperate and all of that is part of our lives. I will respond to Imam’s invitation to continue with this gathering on the next Eid,” said priest Mladen Mikavica.

Gathering was supported through activities of working group Trnovo of USAID’s project PRO-Future, and it is implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in cooperation with Caritas BiH, Institute for Development of Youth KULT, Inter-religion Council in BiH (MRV), Forum of Citizens of Tuzla (FGT), Helsinki Parliament of Citizens of Banja Luka (hCA) and Nansen Dialogue Center from Mostar (NDC).

(Source: klix.ba)


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