Blue Orchestra to hold a Concert soon in Sarajevo?

One of the most popular bands of the former Yugoslavia, the Plavi Orkestar (Blue Orchestra), will hold a concert at the Eternal Fire on August 18, starting at 22:30. Within the Everblue live 2017 tour, this concert will be used for the purposes of recording of the first live album.

The concert will be organized under the patronage of the tourist community of Canton Sarajevo.

“We will play in Sarajevo for the first time during summer, and we are delighted, because the Blue Orchestra is somehow, a summer band, and we are very excited to start this tour in our city, hoping to succeed in bringing a good concert and energy to Sarajevo,” is said by the members of this popular group.

On August 20, this band will play in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, followed by a concert at the City Square in Karlovac, concerts at the Zagreb Arena, Stozica Stadium in Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Maribor and Tuzla in BiH.

(Source: radiosarajevo/ photo citymagazine)

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