Bosnia and Herzegovina due to Coronavirus is on the List of Countries at Risk of the German Robert Koch Institute

The German Epidemiological Institute Robert Koch has identified new areas that are considered risky due to coronavirus infection, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is also on the Institute’s list.

Those who enter the Federal Republic of Germany, and who have previously stayed in one of the risky countries in the past 14 days, will be assigned self-isolation according to the regulations of the competent federal states, according to the Robert Koch Institute, news portal reports.

This also applies to those passengers who come from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The German federal government continuously monitors the extent to which certain countries can be classified as risky. Thus, a new list of high-risk countries was made in accordance with the current epidemiological situation.

“There may be short-term changes and an expansion of this list. Just before traveling, make sure you’ve been in one of these areas in the last 14 days before entering Germany. In that case, you can expect to have to be isolated,” they warned from the Robert Koch Institute.

In addition to BiH, there are many other countries on the list of the German Institute. Among others, there are Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Afghanistan, Iran, the United States and many others.

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