17.26 percent more Wheat planted in BiH

wheatDuring the last year’s sowing in BiH, the total area sown in wheat increased by 17.26 percent in comparison with the same period in 2014.

The area sown with barley increased by 15.11 percent, with oilseed rape by 47.17 percent, and with clover by 11.59 percent.

Compared to the same period in 2014, the area sown with grass-clover mixtures decreased by 4.53 percent in 2015.

In the structure of sown area, grains have the share of 89 percent, fodder six percent, vegetables three percent and industrial crops two percent.

When it comes to the production of fruit in 2015, total yield increased in the case of apples by 104.2 percent in comparison with the previous years, in case of pears by 96.2 percent, plums by 58.6 percent, cherries by 20.1 percent, peaches by 5.3 percent, walnuts by 215.8 percent, strawberries by 9.8 percent, raspberries by 28.4 percent, and grapes by 25.1 percent.

Regarding the production of olives in the last year, the total yield increased by 59 percent in comparison with 2015, according to the data by the Agency for Statistics of BiH.


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