A.McGuffie for “Sarajevo Times”: Removing Discrimination is Important for EU Perspective of BiH

europaBA_2012022912014541By: Nevena Šarenac

The Spokesperson of the EU Delegation of the Special EU Representative to BiH Andy McGuffie said for ‘Sarajevo Times’ that political leaders in BiH have to continue with their work and negotiations so that they could present to the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule a political agreement on the elimination of discrimination from the elections for the members of the BiH Presidency and the BiH House of Peoples in the Parliament.

“We are stressing again the importance of this issue for the EU perspective of BiH”, said McGuffie.

A meeting will be held on 11 April of the European Commissioner Fule with representatives of the leading political parties in BiH, whose central topic will be the political agreement in the case of “Sejdić-Finci” and the time frame for its implementation.

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