Detailed Checks of whether BiH meets Conditions for Export of Milk

milkInspection team of the European Commission Directorate of Health and food audits and analysis/ the former Food and Veterinary Office, will be staying in BiH from tomorrow until March 25, with the aim of revising the implementation of the Action plan for dealing with recommendations given after the audit conducted by the FVO in January 2014.

This plan was prepared by the Veterinary Office of BiH based on recommendations given to the relevant bodies in BiH after the first mission, and which the EU approved last year.

The Veterinary Office of BiH stated that the introductory meeting will be held on March 14 and that meetings with relevant entities’ bodies and labs will be held during the mission.

Also announced are the visit and control of certain dairies which have the approval for export to the EU, as well as farms which supply these facilities with raw milk.

“In the past period, the Office and relevant bodies of entities have been intensively working on meeting all six recommendations from this plan and it readily welcomes the inspection from Dublin, expecting that BiH will keep the status of a country that is allowed to export milk and dairy products to the EU countries,” it was stated. The Office notes that, upon the completion of the mission, they will have more information on achieved results and that the public will be timely notified about them.


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