After 17 Years: From Tuzla to Vienna in just an Hour!

Tuzla-Vienna Flight wikimedia.orgAll preparations for the new air route from the Tuzla Airport have been completed. As announced previously, the company Montenegro Airlines flies between Tuzla-Vienna and back on Mondays and Wednesdays as of yesterday, December 21.

“The flights will be realized on Mondays and Wednesdays, in a way that on the same day day a plane departs from Tuzla for Vienna and a plane from Vienna departs for Tuzla. The same will be on Wednesdays, thus we have flight at this route four times during the week. This air route has been awaited for 17 years and, to the pleasure of a large number of B&H who live, work, study in Austria but also those who travel for private or business purposes, this is more than good news,” the Management of the Tuzla International Airport stated.

There are more and more reasons for celebration at the Tuzla Airport, which has been making unstoppable progress and recording greater and greater results.

At the meeting of the Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Bego Gutić and representatives of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce held recently, the establishment of air route Tuzla-Istanbul-Tuzla has been announced. Moreover, preparations for the launching of cargo traffic are also hastily being finalized, after the Council of Ministers of B&H approved the transportation of goods from the Tuzla Airport.

In order to include the Tuzla International Airport among the airports with all necessary equipment and infrastructure for the conduction of air traffic without any deficiencies, the Government of Tuzla Canton recently allocated 500,000 BAM for the installation of access airport lights which will enable pilots to land safely to the runway of Tuzla Airport even during bad weather conditions and decreased visibility.

President of the Board of Directors of Montenegro Airlines Daliborka Pejović said that planes of this company are safe and attractive, skilled pilots fly them, and passengers are taken to the destination safely and on time.

“We are a small company which transports around 600,000 passengers annually, which is roughly equal to the population of Montenegro. Our mission is to connect the region,” Pejović said.

(Source: akta.ba)

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