Appeal filed on the one-month Custody for Radončić

Radončić Appeal reflex.baThe legal team of Fahrudin Radončić filed an appeal to the Appellate Chamber of the Court of B&H regarding the custody for the leader of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB).

As Radončić’s attorney Dragan Barbarić confirmed, the appeal was filed within the statutory period of 24 hours since the ordering of custody.

“The Court of B&H should reach a decision regarding the appeal as soon as possible, given that the custody of 30 days was ordered for Mr. Radončić. We expect the decision to be reached in the next ten days,” Barbarić said.

The information on the filing of the appeal was announced by Vasvija Vidović also, upon the conclusion of the hearing for Fahrudin Radončić.

As a reminder, upon the proposal by the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H the Court of B&H ordered a one-month custody for Fahrudin Radončić due to grounds for suspicion of committing criminal offence Obstruction of Justice. According to the prosecutor Božo Mihajlović, he is also charged with conspiracy to commit the crime and promise of illicit rewards or benefits.

(Source: klix.ba)

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