What do the B&H Parliamentarians read the most?

Parliament Library parlament.baParliamentary Assembly of B&H has a library which is available to all B&H parliamentarians and other employees in the B&H institutions.

Parliamentarians often use both the library and the reading room within the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H, as well as the computers with access to various data bases and specific bibliographic editions.

Staff of the library within the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H said that the B&H parliamentarians mostly borrow books and publications related to the fields of law and diplomacy.

However, the librarians could not reveal the name of the parliamentarian who uses the library services most frequently and who reads the most, because the staff does not rank the library users in that sense.

According to the librarians, the parliamentarians return books on time and without damage.

(Source: klix.ba)

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