Arabs buying land around Derventa?

DerventaAlong riverbed of Ukrina, ten kilometers from Derventa, one of the most developed municipalities of the RS, Miskovci is the place that is interesting to rich buyers from the United Arab Emirates, at least according to the media.

There are stories in the media that about 1,000 hectares of land were on sale. Citizens, however, prefer stories about large investments.

The interest is not surprising if we take into account the thousands of hectares of land purchased by Arab money in the FBiH.

Around 420 luxury suites, 80 villas, restaurants, water park, 2,000 new workplaces and an annual income of 200 million USD for Derventa and the RS was supposed to come with Arab money that would bring Miskovci on the water, just like Belgrade.

“I’ve heard that there is some Sarajevo-based company through which, allegedly, a company from the Arab countries come, but I do not know how true that is,” said a resident of the Donji Detlak, Mladen Ivanica.

However, the owners of Ukrina paradise are thinking about Arabic money. Judging by the statements in the media, the offer from Sarajevo company has already arrived. Although there is no reliable evidence that any Arab bought Serbian or Croatian land around Derventa, there is a story of the Arab money that after the FBiH, is offered to citizens of the RS as well. Only in the FBiH were purchased thousands of hectares of land, mostly in the vicinity of Sarajevo and Mostar.



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