Archaeological Site from the Bronze Age near the Center of Sarajevo

There is a valuable archeological site from the Bronze Age in the territory of Sarajevo Municipality Center, just a few hundred meters from the headquarters of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The research was conducted in August last year at the request of the Municipality Center, and the Institute for Archaeological Research of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo did the analysis of the Vranjaca area to see if there is an archeological potential, and if so from which period, and also how much it is related to the nearby area of Debelo Brdo.

“Since the Austro-Hungarian period, Debelo Brdo is known as the archeological site, so when the archeological material from the Bronze Age, a settlement and special Greek import material from the Mikhay period was found there, we decided to engage the whole area between Debelo Brdo and Zlatiste, not only the space that is the subject of potential construction, but to determine the complete shape. We managed to confirm the affinity of materials that mostly belong to glass culture of the Bronze Age and the one found at the Debelo Brdo site, “ said the head of the institute doc. dr. Adnan Kaljanac.

According to him, now it can be spoken of a wider complex.

“Debelo Brdo was a high settlement as it is already known in the literature. However, most of the population lived in an open-type settlement at the Vranjaca area,” said Kaljanac.

Reports on these works are submitted to the Municipality Center, the Commission for National Monuments of BiH, the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning and other competent institutions, and are located in the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo.

Archaeologists are hoping to continue the works in the summer. Kaljanac says that they are already in the negotiations with the Municipality Center, in order to carry out systematic research because of the importance of the site, especially as it relates to Debelo Brdo, which has been known for a hundred years.

“When it comes to tourists, archaeological sites have always been an attraction for them, especially if you have something that is about 4.000 years old,” Kaljanac concluded.



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