Austrians took over the Sale of “Holiday”

holidaySales of Sarajevo hotel “Holiday”, which was a symbol of the city of Sarajevo and now is in bankruptcy for 3 years, will be directly lead by “HETA Klagenfurt”, a company which is owned by “Hypo AG Bank” in Austria.

The largest creditor of the hotel with 99 million BAM of shares is HETA, while all overall claims are amounting to about 110 million BAM. Multi-million debt was made by Austrian company “Alpha Bau Management”, which privatized the hotel by taking a loan from “Hypo bank”, and provided a mortgage on the hotel as a guarantee of repayment. However, after the withdrawal from B&H, due to the inability of debt repayment, “Hypo bank” took over the hotel.

– All letters of intention for the purchase of the hotel, by all serious investors, were forwarded to the owners in Klagenfurt. They will soon make a decision according to which method the hotel will be sold. Either by public auction or public tender. The final price is yet to be determined,” said interlocutor involved in the process of sale.

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