Bands ‘Erogene Zone’ and ‘S.P.U.K’ had a concert in Dom Mladih

Muzicka scena Kaktus - S.P.U.K. 02 On Friday, 26 April, bands ‘Erogene Zone’ and ‘S.P.U.K’ had the fourth and the last concert as a part of the project Music Scene ‘Kaktus’ which was held in the amphitheatre of Dom Mladih.

First, the band ‘S.P.U.K’ performed who played their own songs and songs of bands ‘Protest’ and ‘Crvena Jabuka’.

After the performance of Sarajevo band ‘Erogene Zone’ which started with the song ‘Igra’, they started performing songs ‘O kako miješaš dobro’, ‘Mi nismo isti’, ‘Batman’, etc. They also did several covers from other bands, and they finished the concert with the song ‘Ti i ja’.

Concerts of the music scene ‘Kaktus’ will be held from April to July 2013 in order to revive the tradition of former club ‘Kaktus’ which was a part of Dom Mladih before 1992.

Bands KZU Ole, Ole & PZU Oje, Oje, Zoster, Sikter, Killing Jazz Hardcore Baby, Kontra DJs will perform in May.

Sponsors of the project are Sarajevsko pivo, Coca-Cola and Jaegermeister, Antena Sarajevo, and Sarajevo Navigator.

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