B&H boxer Alem Begic training with Arnold Schwarzenegger

boxerAlem Begic, successful B&H boxer, who lives and works in Germany, became European champion in the light heavyweight division by defeating the Georgian boxer George Aduashvilijem at the end of the year. Begic is planning to keep the prestigious title and he is already working for the next match, when he will defend the title.

Our boxer, before whom is a very successful career, is currently in Austria, where he is training with his coach Bjorn Schulz and the well-known television terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has had a successful career in bodybuilding in the Alps, in the prestigious hotel Stanglwirt.

Begic, also called the heir of Felix Sturm, has a record of 11 victories in his career from as many fights. Manager Dalibor Ban takes care of his career. Due to the quality and success of Begic, who was born in Srebrenica, numerous world experts have showed interest in him and believe that great glory is waiting for this young man.


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