BH Children attended an artistic Workshop marking Climate Diplomacy Week

“Dear environment, I promise you I will throw garbage into bins, I will plant flowers and trees, and I will stop littering nature. I really hope that others will do the same as I do,” promised Marko Sivrić, one of the students of the primary school, Vladimir Pavlovic in Čapljina, who attended an artistic workshop marking of Climate Diplomacy Week.

Climate Diplomacy Week is dedicated to raising awareness of this important topic in the European Union and throughout the rest of the world. During Climate Diplomacy Week, EU Delegations and EU Member State embassies across the world hold various events to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, present successful stories and encourage further action. Čapljina hosted such an event, held in “TAU” gallery, in cooperation with the primary school and the Centre for Education and Culture, “Akademija”, Čapljina.

“These workshops are very important to our youngest generations, as a way to raise their awareness when it comes to ecology, and creativity is the best method to reinforce ecological messages in their minds. Environmental protection is an inspirational theme and it offers a number of ideas to be expressed in the artistic sense,” said Jelena Grgić, the Moderator of the art workshop.

By participating in two arts and crafts workshops, 44 pupils offered their responses to today’s need to preserve the environment and natural world around us. In order to ensure effective protection of nature and climate, it is not enough to just care for them, but to have comprehensive knowledge of both of them.

Mirela Borovac Falak, Moderator of the crafts workshop, chose motives for the workshops from what students usually see in nature, such as trees, flowers, butterflies and ladybugs. “We have put all that together in one concept of the hemisphere to show how beautiful the Earth can look if we take care of it,” Falak noted.

The pupils were given the last word at the event. Through a brief but constructive promise to nature, they shared a variety of tips on how to protect and preserve the environment, thereby contributing to climate conservation. They agreed that in order to play their part in addressing climate change, all of us must contribute to this aim by taking care of nature and the environment.

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