B&H Film at the Film Festival Les Arcs in Cooperation with Association of B&H Filmmakers

film_festival_franceThe renowned film festival of the European Film in Les Arcs, France will be held from 14-21 December and this year will have a special program focused on the cinema of the former Yugoslavian countries, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and B&H.

The new film of Jasmila Žbanić “For those who can tell no tales ” will compete in the main program of the festival, and this B&H director will be awarded with the recognition “Les Arcs’ new Femme de Cinéma Honorary Award”.  This prize will be awarded for the first time at this festival and the prize award will take place on Sunday, 15 December.

The best films of the former Yugoslavia such as “No man’s land” of Danis Tanović, “Snow” of Aida Begić, “When father was away on business” of  Emir Kusturica, and the co-production film “Armin” of Ognjen Sviličić will be presented at the special program.

The production house SCCA/PRO.BA with the film “Ključ” of Timur Makarević will participate in the professional platform “The Co-production Village” and the Art Academy of Sarajevo with the project “Raspust” by director Tina Šmalcelj will be presented at the program “Film school village”.

This festival will open on Saturday, 14 December and events related to the  presentation of B&H films will be held from 14-18 December, announced the B&H Association of Filmmakers.

(Source: Fena)

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