BH Hajj Pilgrims visited Attractions of Medina

hajj pilgrimageA group of 400 BH hajj pilgrims visited Uhud, where one of the most important fights in the history of Islam took place on 23rd March 625.

Hafiz Mehmed ef. Kudic, one of the guides of our pilgrims, held a lecture about the conflict between the Muslim army and far more numerous and stronger idolaters. After Uhud, our pilgrims visited the mosque Kibletejn, and the mosque in the place Kuba.

Our pilgrims receives the news that several pilgrims died in Mecca with the sadness.

However, that unfortunate event haven’t disrupted their days of an intensive worship in Medina, city of the Prophet s.a.w.s. This year’s last pilgrims arrived yesterday. Departure to Mecca is scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

All our pilgrims are well and healthy and feel happy and honored to, even for a short, be in this sacred city.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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