B&H has decided to improve its infrastructure

Minister of Communications and Transport of B&H Damir Hadžić welcomed today in Sarajevo the Spanish Ambassador to B&H Maria Aurora Mejia Errasquin with whom he spoke about the construction and renewal of the road and train infrastructure in B&H.

Minister Hadžić confirmed the decision of B&H to continually improve the existing road infrastructure and to invest into new infrastructural projects which will be an incentive for the economic development of the country. He emphasized that B&H is working on the construction of the highway on the Corridor 5-C with the credit support of the European financial institutions such as EBRD and EIB.

” The project of the highway on the Corridor 5-C is an infrastructural priority of B&H. Yet we are aware that this faster tempo of construction  cannot be obtained without further credit loans, so we are considering the possibility of introducing other ways of financing, such as the private-public partnership and concession. Currently we are collaborating with entity Ministries and we are trying to find financial resources to start the construction work on the part of Zenica-Doboj highway.”- said Minister Hadžić.

Ambassador Errasquin gave Minister Hadžić the invitation for participation on the conference ”B&H and Spain, business investment into future” that will be held in the beginning of March in Sarajevo, with the aim of connecting B&H and Spanish companies. Minister Hadžić accepted the invitation saying that this conference is a great opportunity to present the current infrastructural projects to Spanish investors.

During this meeting, Ambassador Errasquin and Minister Hadžić also talked about Talgo trains, the implementation of ”Sejdić-Finci” verdict, the issues surrounding army and state property and the population census.


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